cocktail dresses
Best Cocktail Dresses and selection in the Orlando area.

Stop the press, cocktail dresses are on the trend. We are starting to feel the summer vibes here at So Sweet Boutique in sunny Orlando! Everyone seems to be back to the hustle and bustle of life as we continue to push the COVID pandemic behind us. What might you ask does that have to do with cocktail dresses? Let me give you a hint, pack your bags the cruise ships are starting to re-start there engines! Being that we are in Florida, we are a popular destination to visit on vacation and then piggy back it with a cruise leaving from one of our many ports.

I think that everyone is just so happy to get out there again, we are getting an upward swing of clients coming in for cocktail dresses to wear on their cruises as well as other summer events. I get the sense that people want to go over the top a little bit, we have all been at home too long. With that said, we have been busy selecting cocktail dresses to offer a much larger selection than ever. The down side is it will be a good handful of weeks before they are in our Orlando shop. With the pandemic, manufacturing feels like it is still taking twice as long. But, the good news is that we will have the best selection and the most beautiful selection of cocktail dresses by late summer and this fall. Ladies, start planning your New Years Eve party now!