Senior Formals, Proms? Orlando 2021

Seminole county recently announced no proms this year but senior formals. We know that this has been just another let down for our graduating students as they have lost so many other milestones this past year. But in the end, they can all still be together one special evening still celebrating their accomplishments. No, there wont be any dancing but – they can still make many lasting memories and enjoy the last few months that have together.

Meanwhile, our next county over, Orange county has announced they are planning on proms but with limitations. Neither county has laid out the specifics quite yet, but in the end something magical is potentially going to happen. Just the fact that they can have a large scale event with their peers is something we all should celebrate!

Over the last 15 years of dressing our seniors for their proms, we have learned one thing! Formal dress shopping for your gown with your mom or grandmother, is one of those memories both the girls and the mom remember the most. COVID can’t take that away this year, whether you shop in our Orlando store for your formalwear gown or another store – don’t let this pandemic steal this special time together. Finding your dress is more than half the fun!

The remaining half of the fun is selecting your accessories and then scouting on Pinterest or You Tube for hair style, makeup and nail ideas ices. The icing on the cake is the night you and your gal pals get ready together and then pictures! Choosing your photo location and coordinating other groups to meet you there is OOBER fun. All of the above will offer you memories that will last a lifetime.

To all of our graduating seniors in the Orlando community, we celebrate all of!