Quinceanera Dress Rentals VS Buying In Orlando?

Why you should not do a quinceanera dress rentals ever!

We often get telephone calls and walk-in customers in search of a quince dress rentals. This is due to their budget and time frame of needing one of these amazing gowns. We know just how special your daughter’s Quince and sweet 15 is, so we stepped up are A game.

We want to provide an array of quinceanera dresses that cost less than a local rental shop. On average, a quince dress rental is between $600-700 and guess what? You have to give back your dream dress since you do not own it. To us at So Sweet Boutique, we believe your event is just as special as a wedding! Keeping your quinceanera dress is important. You can then pass it on to your little sister, daughter or even your grand daughter will help preserve not just how special those lasting memories are – but allowing you to pass on a special tradition.

So how does this exactly work you might ask? We have a nice selection in our Orlando store of quinceanera dresses starting at $450 making it an affordable option. Not only do we have great pricing, but we offer our quinceanera clients a free 90 day layaway payment plan. This makes it easy to purchase and still plan for the big day!

We also gift our quince girls a beautiful professional protective storage bag, a choice of earrings (up to a $50 value), and discounts on hoop skirts and tiara’s. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to your big day!

While shopping in our store, we also have beautiful backgrounds for you to take pictures with for lasting memories or social media post. We offer full assistance as all of our staff know, just how special quince dress shopping is.

We hope you stop in and have your quince dress shopping experience with us, we can’t wait to work with you and your family.

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