Dress Shopping- How To Select Your Size

Blush Prom Dresses- how to select your size

Finding the right size dress is hard. Finding the right size PROM dress can feel impossible. So do you know how to select your size?

A clothing size is a unit of measurement, and we like to think of measurements as something finite. After all, a cup of water is always measured as a cup, a foot of length is always 12 inches, and a circle always has 360 degrees, so it would stand to reason that a size 6 is universally the same size… right?

Wrong. Nope. Nuh Uh.

Sorry ladies, but sizing is one of those things left up for interpretation. Companies, designers, even at-home-crafters can call anything a size 2. I can make a dress and say its size purple if I wanted.

Prom is one of the most important nights in any young girl’s life, so don’t let the sizing of dresses ruin it! When buying your prom dress, it is always better to shop in person. Period. This is the best way to figure out how to select your size. The good thing about shopping in a real store is that you can physically try the dress on. If a 4 is too small, try something in a 6 or 8- easy.

Different designers are going to have different sizes that you fit into. Just because you wear a size 3 in jeans in one store, it doesn’t mean every pair of jeans labeled 3 will fit you, and it’s the same with dresses.

How To Select Your  Size For Prom Dresses

If you walk into a prom dress store and have no idea where to start, think about your body. Are you bigger on top (inverted triangle) or bottom (pear shaped)? Choose one size larger than that size, and start looking. You cannot be afraid to try things on. The sizes are just numbers. They are  just a way to organize dresses!

There are many reasons for size discrepancies, some small and some big. If you live in a country that uses the metric system, inches mean nothing to you and vice versa. The format of sizing is confusing too. Is it the actual circumference of the waist? Is it in inches? Is it being represented by a single number (i.e. 0, 2, 4 etc)? A US 0 is a UK 4 and a European 32.

One of the biggest influences in sizing globally is the difference of cultural norms for the “ideal size.” An “average” US size Large, if converted, is labeled as Extra Large, 2X or higher in other countries.

With more and more companies turning to e-commerce, sizing has gotten more complicated. A good company will have clear size charts and may have conversion charts too. I know from personal experience, if there is no size chart, or one that is unclear, I’m not buying. It is hard enough to find clothes that fit correctly when you’re shopping at the mall. There is nothing worse than ordering an item online, having it not fit, and then having to pay for shipping it back to return it. Save yourself the trouble.

So Sweet Boutique also sells Pageant Dresses for Girls.

Tiffany Pageant dress- how to select your size
Girls Pageant Dress Tiffany 13409 Sky/Turquoise

In the designer gown world, children’s dresses are bit easier to shop for, but can still be tricky. Again, we always recommend coming into the store and trying the dress on the child, but we know that sometimes it isn’t possible. Not everyone lives near a specialty boutique, and the selection may not have what you want.

How To Select Your Size For Pageant Dresses

Again, designers should have size charts for easy reference. The main measurements that are noted for pageant dresses are chest, waist, and hollow-to-hem (for length). Knowing how to measure can save you time and money.

The chest is the circumference at the nipple line, and the waist at her natural waist (not where she wears her pants!). If you’re having trouble finding her waist, have her bend to one side- the waist is where the bend is.  The length is taken by placing one end of the tape measure at the hollow of the child, or at the top of the shoulder where a strap would sit, and measuring down the front to the floor. Keep in mind that pageant dresses are meant to be full, so the dress you purchase may need petticoats added underneath for a fuller look! That means making sure the length is a little longer than her actual length measurement.

Like most designer gowns, girl’s pageant dresses are made with “long” shoulder/halter straps to accommodate children with longer torsos. Expect some kind of alterations. It’s always better to get a dress that is long enough and take in the sides, rather than try to make a short dress that fits at the waist longer…

Whether you’re looking for prom or pageant, If you’re lucky enough to find a dress in store that fits you perfectly, BUY IT!

Stop Fakes- Don’t Trust Fake Prom Dress Websites

stop fakes sherri hill

Buy From A Trusted Prom Retailer- Stop Fakes

Prom season is in full swing! With so many buying options for dresses, it’s easy to find a dress online, click, and it’s yours. But Buyer Beware! More online sites, means more fake dresses and scams. We have heard all kinds of horror stories from our customers and we do not want you to have a bad prom dress experience. It’s time to stop fakes!

Visit Us Today To Find Your Dream Dress

Luckily, So Sweet Boutique has hundreds of prom dresses in stock right now! We are an authorized retailer for all of the designers that we carry including Alyce, JVN by Jovani, La Femme, Tony Bowls, and Sherri Hill. Speaking of Sherri Hill, So Sweet Boutique is the LARGEST retailer for their dresses in FLORIDA! But don’t wait to buy- they are selling fast! As a Top 10 Prom Store, you are guaranteed to get an authentic dress, great customer service, and truly unforgettable prom experience!

stop fakes

When you find that celebrity dress that you just have to have, the only way that you will get that “exact dress” is to purchase one from a person or company who looks at the photo and copies it. It is insanely easy to take a photo from online and take credit for it. Not only does that disrespect the actual designer of the real dress, but you will not be getting the same quality. Prom is one of the most important nights of your life- Do not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. It is much easier to go into a store to inspect and try on gowns in person.

More often than not, the dresses are being produced overseas. This brings up several issues that might hinder your ability to 1) get the dress on time and 2) have the dress actually fit correctly.

Girls have already started buying their dresses, and if you haven’t, you are late! A true designer gown takes approximately 12 weeks to make, plus a few more weeks for shipping. Designers have limited amounts of sizes per color option, so some styles may already be sold out. When you find a website that will custom make the dress for you, you are looking at the same time frame (if they want to try to match the quality). That means if you ordered today, a completion date around the end of April, plus international shipping times. DO NOT RISK IT.

You also need to consider the Chinese New Year – This year the celebration begins on February 19 and ends on March 5. This slows down production immensely! Not only do you have to wait until March for production to resume, you also have to worry about how many other orders came through before yours that have a higher priority.

There is no uniform size chart. Every culture/country has different standards for what sizes are “Small,” “One-Size-Fits-All,” or “Plus Size.” I’ve experienced this frustration many times when surfing online for everyday clothing. One such retailer, (which I won’t name), promotes “Plus Size clothing” which converts to a US Size 8… Enough Said.

Find Prom Dresses For Your Body Type

The best thing about finding your prom dress is trying on the dresses first! What could be better than getting to try on gorgeous designer gowns? Seeing the dresses in person will definitely help when making your final decision. Without trying them on, you will never be sure it will fit the way you need. At So Sweet Boutique, we encourage you to try on every silhouette, fabric, and color so you know what works for you!

If you would like to get an idea of what our store has to offer before stopping by, you can view our selection of IN STOCK dresses here. Due to our local demand we may not have time to list every style on our website. Dresses often sell fast, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to do a stock check on a particular style! If you are not one of our local customers, you can feel secure that you are buying from a trusted retailer.

We Have Dresses For All Kinds Of Occasions

stop fakes- sugar pageant dressDon’t think that we forgot about you Pageant Dress seekers! We have new pageant dresses for girls coming in daily by Sugar, Tiffany, Ritzee Girls and more! See Sugar Pageant Dress 82211s at Left. Whether you like simple and sweet, or glitzy and glam, we have the pageant dress for you. Our staff is here to help with any pageant questions you may have, whether in store, or over the phone. We know that finding a pageant dress can be just as- if not more- difficult as finding a prom dress. Don’t get caught in a bad purchase with a fake website!

Prom Dresses For Your Body Type

Trying to find prom dresses for your body type?

The perfect dress for your body is the one that you feel best in. There are tons of blogs and websites that recite the same old spiel about what dresses you should and should not wear based on your body. The truth is, you should wear whatever you want! As long as you’re comfortable and confident, there really is no limit to what style you can rock at prom. We have girls of all shapes, sizes, and shades who come into our store and more often than not, they are drawn towards similar dresses. 10 different girls can try on the same dress and 9 of them could pull off the look without any major alterations. Look for prom dresses for your body type, but do not settle for something just because it is flattering.

Now that isn’t to say that if you have your heart set on a certain style that you can comfortably or affordably wear it. Some styles may take just too much effort to work for your body. It may be easier to go with a different style or something similar by a different designer. Here are some ideas for how to wear prom dresses for your body type- Not suggestions for what you “should not” wear.

 prm dresses for you body type- mermaid style

Dress Comparison– If you LOVE the two-piece, mermaid trend that is all the rage this year, we highly recommend trying on different styles to get an idea of which works better for you. Sherri Hill 32073 is a gorgeous dress and is long. Most designer gowns are made long to accommodate taller girls, but with a mermaid style gown, hemming too much off changes the style completely. This dress is made for girls with a height of 5’9” plus wearing heels. If you were not vertically blessed, a slimmer and shorter skirt will be easier to handle. You may still need to hem a few inches off of the bottom, but with a less dramatic skirt flare, you do not lose the style. With a smaller frame, this also means a shorter torso. The top of Mac Duggal 48281 is cropped slightly shorter so you can bare your midriff the way the style calls for.

Try on all kinds of styles! You may surprise yourself when the dress you try on that “isn’t meant for you” is the one you feel prettiest in. There have been plenty of customers who visit our store who are convinced that they cannot wear a certain style. MYTH: If you’re pear-shaped, you need an A-line skirt to hide in. FALSE! If you’re curvy on bottom, a slim fitted dress can be stunning! Madison James Style 15-160 is the perfect example of this. The form fitting fabric and curved waistline creates a sexy silhouette. We love the balance of lace on top and a tapered skirt.

prom dresses for your body type- pear

Listen to other people’s opinions, but stay true to your own personal style. Sure, your friends and family can help pick out styles, and give you compliments, but be mindful that You Are The One Wearing The Dress. Just because they say you need a structured, corseted dress to hide your stomach, it does not mean that is your only option. Finding a plus size prom dress can be difficult for all of the same reasons as it is for slender girls. Everyone has parts that they do not like and everyone is picky. Do not settle for a dress just because it zips up. The most beautiful girls who shop with us are the ones who feel beautiful- no matter their size. If you want to wear a dress with a sheer midriff and high slit, go for it!

Party Time Formals Style 6594

So Sweet Boutique is a store that is all about possibilities- not limitations!

Shop for prom dresses for your body type by keeping an open mind, and trying dresses you like. Sometimes you will have to make compromises to get a certain style to work for you. Sometimes you will find out that the dress style you absolutely love just does not make you comfortable. Sometimes you love a dress so much you are willing to get those alterations and tape everything in place. In the world of fashion, there is a dress for every personality and body!

Visit our Orlando area store today to find a gown that you will want to wear everyday! Prom season is in full swing and dresses are selling fast. Designer gowns by Sherri Hill, Madison James, Rachel Allan, La femme, Alyce, and more are in stock now and ready to go! So Sweet Boutique is currently open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm, and Sunday 12pm-5:30pm.

Prom Dress Ideas 2015 by So Sweet Boutique

Prom Dress Ideas 2015 by So Sweet Boutique -Named Best Prom Retailer by International Prom AssociationIPA

2015 prom dresses are here to make a statement! With so many fashion forward designers, and celebrity styles to take inspiration from, girls have a tough decision to make when it comes to what type of dress they wear to prom. Do you go for a classic girly gown, edgy, of-the-now trendy dress, or somewhere in the middle? One thing is for sure, you do not want to play it safe! Prom is the most important social event during high school, and you want to stand out. This does not mean that you have to wear something you’re not comfortable in- quite the opposite! Here are some prom dress ideas 2015 that will help you amp up your style, while staying true to your own unique personality.

Check Out Our Prom Dress Tips 2015 For More Prom Shopping Help

Try a Two-Tone Dress-

Prom Dress Ideas- Sherri Hill

We are in love with two-tone dresses for prom 2015! This is a fantastic way to bring a little extra color to your night. Having an extra shade to play with means more options for your make-up and accessories! We know that you have seen the new line by Sherri Hill. This year’s collection has so many different styles, that we just cannot think of enough prom dress ideas for them! Polka dots, color blocking, pearls, oh my! There is no way anyone would be able to turn their heads away from you in one of these dresses!

Dress for the Occasion-

Prom Dress Ideas- Madison James

If your school is planning an exciting theme, pick a dress that you can easily accessorize to match. A sleek, traditional dress is a staple piece that every girl should have in her closet! You can dress it up or down depending on your mood. A lot of schools have chosen The Great Gatsby as a theme, which we think is a great concept. A chic, black dress with crystal accents can easily be styled with a cute headband and fringe clutch! Plan the night with some of your best friends and have everyone wear some themed accessories. It’ll make your prom pictures more memorable and fun!

Need Some Inspiration For Prom Dress Ideas? Visit Our In Stock Section To View What’s Available Now!

Short and Sassy-

Prom Dress Ideas- Alyce

If 2015 is the year for your junior prom, try wearing a short dress. One obvious benefit of going with a short dress for junior prom is cost- cocktail and homecoming style dresses tend to be more affordable than long evening gowns. Short dresses make it easier to dance and enjoy yourself, and there’s no worry of people stepping on your dress! Alyce Paris is one of our favorite designers who has cute, short dresses available with us by Special Order. Check them out here.

Now Carrying JVN by Jovani- Get your Jovani Prom Dress From Us Today

Go Bold Or Go Home-

Prom dress Ideas- La femme
La Femme Style 21233

Bright colors, risky silhouettes, and prints! Try picking out a dress with a great focal point- This could be the color, the shape or maybe a fun print. There has been a growing trend for saturated colors for prom that is not going anywhere soon! With colors like “Electric Blue and Hot Coral” La Femme is one designer that knows a little color is nothing to be afraid of! They keep their silhouettes clean and let the colors do all the talking. If you are not one for going bright, maybe a form fitting, mermaid gown with a peplum is something to wear! Tony Bowls has a beautiful style matching this description available in our store now!

For more prom dress ideas, be sure to visit our store! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make your prom dress shopping experience fast, easy, and exciting!

So Sweet Boutique offers FREE prom dress registry, FREE layaway, and awesome promotions when you purchase! Join our TEXT CLUB for amazing deals! Just text FLSSB to 95577 to earn discounts and gifts when you purchase your 2015, in stock prom dress!

Our Prom Season hours are currently:

Monday-Friday 11am- 7pm

Saturday 11am-5:30pm

Sunday 12pm- 5:30pm

Our Address is: 1033 SR 436, Suite 153, Casselberry Fl, 32707. We are located on State Road 436 (also called Semoran Blvd) at the intersection of Red Bug Lake Road. Please be sure to use an updated GPS or look us up before driving to our store! Prom season is a busy time, so plan to arrive early! See you soon!

So Sweet Boutique’s Prom Dress Tips 2015


So Sweet Boutique’s Prom Dress Tips 2015

With all of the upcoming senior year excitement, don’t get lost in the sea of stress that college applications and finals can cause. One of the most important nights is just around the corner and we want to ensure that you are prepared. Finding your prom dress can be fun, really it can be!  These prom dress tips can help you save time and money!

First, shop early. US stores will have their largest selection of prom dresses between January and February. That’s right now! Have you started shopping yet? Buying your dress early will allow you to plan other things well in advance too. You can buy the right shade of eye shadow and make your hair appointment.

Do not expect to find a dress that fits perfectly. Almost all dresses will need some type of alterations. The most common is hemming, with other adjustments including shortening of shoulder straps or taking in side seams. Some stores may offer alterations in house or you may have to go to an expert tailor. Be sure to go to someone with bridal experience, as they will have the knowledge to work with your prom dress. If you’ve bought your dress early (as you should!) you’ll have plenty of time for any alterations, so don’t wait until the last minute. The closer prom gets, the busier seamstresses will be, and the longer it may take them to get done.

Try on shoes with the dress. Try bringing the shoes you plan on wearing, or something similar in height so you can try them on with the dresses you like. Almost all prom dresses are made long to accommodate taller girls, but for anyone who is not a model in 6-inch heels, the dress you buy will have to be hemmed. Trying on the type of shoe you want to wear will give you a good idea of how much length will have to come off, and even help rule out some styles. 

Wear the undergarments that you plan on wearing the night of prom. (This is one of the most important prom dress tips!) You can find a nude pair of seamless panties at most major department stores or even Walmart. You want to make sure the dress you love will fit correctly, especially if you’re planning on donning a tight gown or one with sheer details. While most dresses are made with built in bust cups, sometimes it is not enough support. For the girls wanting a little extra support while dancing away the night, you may need to wear a bra. Not all styles of prom dresses allow for this, so it is a good idea to try on dresses while wearing a strapless bra if you cannot go without.

strapless dress - prom dress tips
Exclusive La Femme Style 21218 Size 4 Indigo, 6 Tangerine, Size 8 Hot Fuchsia, & Size 10 Peacock

Speaking of strapless- Yes, you can comfortably wear one.  A lot of girls may immediately dismiss a strapless prom dress because they think they will be pulling at the top, trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction all night. Most strapless dresses actually have thin spaghetti straps that come with them! They attach with small hooks and may only need minimal adjustments. Bust cups or “sticky boobs” can be worn to help fill the top to allow a snug fit. Another great product is Fashion Tape. This is a transparent, double sided tape that is completely safe for fabric. If you line the top of your strapless dress with this, it will stay put. We recommend the brand Matchsticks.

Try on lots of styles. You may have found that perfect dress on Pinterest, but have you ever tried it on? Or something close to it?  Everyone has a unique body, so a dress that looks amazing on one girl may be completely wrong for someone else. Is your favorite color green? Do you know which shade will compliment your skin tone and hair color? The only way to find out is to try things on. Trying on a dress does not mean you have to buy it, so have fun! You may end up loving a dress you never thought you would. There is a dress for everyone; you just have to have an open mind!

Ask for help. Even if you know what you’re looking for, try listening to the ideas of staff members. They’ve seen the inventory of prom dresses that they are selling and can suggest ones that will flatter you. At So Sweet Boutique we offer a one-on-one customer service experience that allows us to offer prom dress tips while you shop. Bring a family member or friend whose opinion you trust. They may see positive or negative aspects that you miss. Have them take photos and compare how each dress looks. You want a dress that will look flawless in all of your prom pictures!

Looking For A Lace Gown? They’re Here!

lace gown

A beautiful lace gown can be just the outfit for a truly unforgettable prom.

We are crazy for lace here at So Sweet Boutique! When you visit us, you’ll be able to find all kinds of silhouettes, fabrics and colors that feature the classic design element. Lace is more versatile than you might think, and if you say lace just isn’t your thing, we bet that we can find one that you’ll love! A cute pink lace can add a touch of femininity for a sweet and girly look, or a cut-out lace adds a little sex appeal while keeping it classy.

sherri hill lace gownSome of today’s most popular prom and evening gown designers cannot go one season without creating gorgeous dresses with lace. Sherri Hill, who is always on trend (or making the trends!) uses a wide range of lace appliqués, including this stunning red and black combination in Style 11246. We currently have a size 4 Black/Red. Be sure to shop early before it is gone!

What’s more romantic than going to prom with your sweetie?

A lace gown is the go-to style for prom, especially if you are going with the boy you love (or are crushing on!). Alyce 2401 seen above in red would be a memorizing look with a slick hair-do, sultry red lips, and nude shoe! If the style of dress you are looking for is elegant, sophisticated, classic, beautiful, and sexy, lace is definitely the way to go!

Please be sure to visit So Sweet Boutique, located in Casselberry Florida, within the Greater Orlando area. Our store is a full assistance boutique, which means we help you into the dresses. We can also help pick out styles that will look great and that make you feel happy. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you buy a gown that you will remember forever!

Orlando Prom – Fun Post-Prom Ideas

orlando prom

After Prom Ideas – Orlando Prom

ORLANDO PROM GIRLS: Have you started making your To Do List? The first item on every girl’s list should be finding the dress you love. If you haven’t yet, be sure to stop by SO SWEET BOUTIQUE to find your prom gown. So Sweet Boutique has hundreds of 2015 styles, free dress registry and layaway!

orlando prom dressesThese are just a few styles that are currently in stock right now by Mac Duggal, Rachel Allan, and Sherri Hill. Visit us in store today!

But what do you do after you’ve found the dress?

There is still a lot of planning that has to be done, especially if you want one of your last high school experiences to be a memorable one. Getting tickets, coordinating your date’s outfit, limo or no limo, and what about after the actual dance?

Luckily, living in the Greater Orlando area has its benefits for after prom activities.

Many Orlando proms will be held in or near the popular city destinations of Disney or Universal Studios. Take advantage of the bustling night life after prom by venturing around Downtown Disney or Citywalk. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try one (or all!) of Downtown Disney’s many options for deserts, like the Candy Cauldron. If you’re lucky enough to have your prom held at The Hard Rock Live, you’re sure to have danced up quite an appetite, so be sure to have your post-prom plans involve a trip to one of Citywalk’s lively restaurants.

Another great idea is to take a trip with your friends to the beach and have a bonfire. You’re never too far from the coast in Central Florida, and the mini-road trip is great for blasting the music you love, (just in case the DJ at prom didn’t play it!). You can take a dip in the ocean or just hang out on shore. With the cool breeze and cozy fire, you have the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your date! Be sure to plan ahead and pack flip-flops, beach towels, and snacks!

If you’re not much for going out, try hosting a small get-together after prom with your bffs. A Netflix marathon, video game night, or old-school sleepover is the best way to spend your night before saying, “Hello, adult life.” (But you know you’ll totally still do these after high school).

orlando prom macduggal
Mac Duggal Style 61875 Size 4 Blush-Hurry in before this dress is gone!

Keep in mind that whichever plans you decide on, picking out your post-prom look can be just as fun as the dress! If your prom gown included a two-piece, like the one seen above, Mac Duggal Style 61875 just pair it with some skinny jeans and a few bangle bracelets, or a statement necklace and you’re good to go!


Rule Breaking Trends for Spring 2015 Evening Wear – Prom Dresses

Rule Breaking Trends for Spring 2015 Evening Wear – Prom Dresses

What’s more fun than actually going to Prom? Trying on designer dresses and choosing one to wear! If you haven’t visited Central Florida’s Sweetest Designer Gown Store yet, we hope you’re planning your trip to see us soon! So Sweet Boutique is thrilled to offer beautiful, unique, and trendy dresses for prom! Each year seems to bring more daring and gorgeous dresses, but 2015 is the year to push fashion limits. What better way to do that than with a Rule Breaking Dress? Here are a few of the hottest trends that you can find in stock in our store now!

Prints and Patterns

We love the use of floral fabrics and fun patterns for formal wear! Designers like Sherri Hill and Alyce have mastered this trend for spring dresses! Having prints in your evening wear wardrobe adds such a feminine and ethereal touch that is sure to make the night whimsical!


Bare Midriff

Two-piece dresses and crop tops are here to stay, so we are in no way surprised that this trend has found its way into formal attire. Designers like Mac Duggal, Rachel Allan and Sherri Hill have taken advantage of this youthful style just in time for the Class of 2015!


Jumpsuits are comfortable and fashionable! Wear a long pant or short version from Terani Couture, Alyce, or Sherri Hill to truly make a statement!

spring trends

You will be seeing rule-breaking dresses by all of our fashion forward designers! We know a lot of you will be turning heads for all the right reasons in a stunning gown, that’s wrong in all the right ways! Our trendy customers will be breaking all of the fashion rules and looking great while doing it! Shop early for first dibs on all of the hottest styles that have already made it to our store!

Prom- Delicious Colors For Spring 2015

 spring 2015

We’re already thinking about Spring 2015

With such deliciously Sherbert-like colors from designers like Blush and Sherri Hill, how could we think about anything else?! Spring 2015 is going to be the season for Sweet Shades and Happy Hues!

Proms everywhere will be filled with gorgeous girls wearing brightly colored gowns, such as style 9913 pictured in tangerine, above center. This is a spectacular “form fitting gown with sweetheart neckline and stone beaded straps that drape [over the] shoulders [to] fall into a low open back. The entire bodice is covered in stones that lightly cascade down to the hem. The skirt features chiffon gusset panels giving it a little flare so you can dance the night away.”-BlushProm.com

S h o p p i n g   f o r   p r o m   e a r l y   t h i s   y e a r ?

With so many fashionable choices for girls to select from this spring season, picking the right prom dress is going to be difficult! We urge our local customers to start shopping early! Our store has already received large shipments of Spring 2015 styles that are waiting for you to fall in love with them! Make So Sweet Boutique your ONLY stop and take advantage of our special, extended layaway offer happening now through December 15th!

W e  a r e  h e r e  t o  h e l p !

So Sweet Boutique is here to make your prom shopping experience just as special as prom itself! Our one-on-one customer service is tailored to help each client that comes into our store find a dress that she loves! We don’t just sell dresses, we help make memories! During our busiest times, there will be a bit of a wait to get into our full-assistance dressing rooms- Another great reason to start shopping NOW!

Visit us in store in our Central Florida location, or check us out online at SoSweetBoutique.com

Spring 2015 Terani Couture!

So Sweet Boutique is excited to showcase one of our favorite designers for Spring 2015-Terani Couture

T E R A N I   C O U T U R E

terani coutureTerani Couture was such a hot seller last season that we’ve brought the designer back! You’ll be able to find your dream Prom Dress at So Sweet Boutique or have it special ordered to arrive in time for your big night. Terani has some amazing styles to offer with design details including intricate bead work, Mermaid silhouettes, and all of the latest fashion trends!

Style 151P0403, pictured left is a gorgeous aqua, mermaid style dress available for Prom 2015! The dress features a strapless, sweetheart neckline and rhinestone embellishments all over the bodice and low hip. The flared skirt creates a beautiful shape!

TERANI COUTURE was established in the year of 1990 in New York City. TERANI COUTURE is a world-renowned designer of special occasion evening and formal wear fundamental for any glamorous occasion. We are one of the top designer manufactures in women’s apparel. Our dresses range in a variety of collections such as Prom, Homecoming, Evening, Cocktail, Pageants, Mother of the Bride, and Suits… TERANI COUTURE’s original designs are constructed from the hottest, happening trends seen in today’s fashion market and presented on the runways of New York, Los Angeles, and Milan Fashion Week. We use high quality materials, fabric, and detailing on all our dresses to produce the finest styles around. It is important to us to stay on top, so we seek to carry new trends and designs inspired from around the world.” – Teranicouture.com

Be sure to visit Terani’s website to view their entire Spring 2015 collection, and be on the lookout for our updated Terani Listings at SoSweetBoutique.com! Please call or email for any stock checks prior to ordering so we can guarantee the dress will arrive in time for your event!