Are you Ready For The Crown?

Jovani Style 157820
This pageant dress has a beaded, lace top bodice featuring a dropped waist silhouette, and an open back.

Pageant Tips For Choosing Your Dress

The excitement you feel right before a pageant is a mix of nervousness, anxiety and  joy, but maybe most of all, RELIEF. The planning stage is done! Now you just have to wow the judges. That’s the easy part.

Pageantry is a year long event. By the time you’re finally standing on that stage, there has been months of preparation done beforehand. Here are a few tips about choosing your dress that will help make the whole thing easier.

La Femme Style 18848
A simple silhouette featuring a sequin fabric, covered with an overlay.
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1) Make sure you find a dress that fits! (but it does NOT need to be perfect right away). If it is a little too big, that’s okay, but don’t ever tell yourself that buying a dress that is too small will only motivate yourself to loose weight. Getting ready for your pageant will be tough enough without being hungry too!

(If you’re looking for a way to tone up and lose some weight naturally, try that crazy wrap thing!)

Alterations WILL need to be done. It is very rare that you’re going to find a designer gown that fits perfectly. Most likely a simple hemming will be done or tailoring to fit your curves in the right places.

Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina and Mallory Hytes Hagan, Miss New York

2) Show who you are. You need a dress that you actually LIKE, and will enjoy wearing. Every girl in the competition will want to stand out, so make sure your personality can be seen through the style of dress you choose.

To sparkle or not to sparkle? Most girls in the pageant industry and their coaches would say SPARKLE! OF COURSE! but it’s really just a matter of what you’ll be most comfortable in. Take Miss New York, you can see her gown did not feature extensive bead work, but she still won Miss America 2013!

3) Proportion. Choose styles that compliment your shape. A high neckline can be easily balanced by a slit in the skirt. Similarly, don’t be afraid of a dress with volume! Everyone loves a little drama! Also, have a focal point. This can be achieved in a one shouldered gown, for example, because the cut will draw the eye to your shoulder, neck, and face. Having some killer earrings might be needed though!

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