Flower Girl Dresses – Top 5 Mistakes People Make!

If you are taking time to purchase your flower girl dresses over the Internet its most likely due to the fact you want to save money or there are not many options in your area.  Most bridal boutiques don’t keep a vast amount of styles and stock of flower girl dresses, so it can be a bland situation when you walk through their doors.  To me, your flower girls are a big part of your wedding and should feel as fabulous as the rest of your bridal party.  We cater to the flower girls in our Orlando area and enjoy working with them, it’s also a special day that they never forget!  On many occasions, mom’s tend to blow off the fact the children are just flower girls and forget some minor details that can cause the bride and child unwanted stress. 

1) You need to order a dress in the same color scheme as your wedding colors or Bridesmaids.  People don’t understand that each manufacturer has their own color charts and their own versions of red, blue, periwinkle, champagne and so forth.  If you are really wanted the colors to be an exact match, order all your dresses from the same manufacturer or request a color swatch prior to ordering.

2) Alterations.  Your flower girl may need an alteration or two.  Most people think that the dresses should fit right off the rack, how can they when they are made up of the same fabrics as the bridal gown or bridesmaid dress?  It’s also crucial you get a dress a little larger than smaller and not do any altering until 10 days before the wedding.  Kids do have growth spurts!

3) Sizing:  All measurements are important when sizing your children, not just the chest and waist.  You can end up with a short dress if you have a tall and slender girl if you only went by the 2 and not the child’s length.

4) All Sales Final: Many times it is all sales final on children’s formal wear since they are made to your color and fabric specifications.  Just like the bride and bridesmaids dresses, they too are all sales final.  On some occasion, you will find Internet sites that do allow returns.  We do not , since we guarantee fresh dresses for the full price you pay plus we have a storefront and don’t work out of our home like most website stores.  We would have a store full of odds and end dresses, if its an Internet site..they can shove things back in a box and put anywhere in their home.  So, if returning your dress is important make sure you read the return policies prior to ordering off line or in your local boutique.

5) In Stock – Out of stock: Sometimes a bride may have a large amount of flower girls in her wedding party and she has selected the dress she would like the girls to wear.  At times, the moms may not order in a timely fashion or some may and some may not and it may not give enough time for a special order to be made.  Or if the dress is an in-stock piece, whose to say 3 weeks later that same dress is available for one of the other children in the wedding party.  Moral of this story: Order at the same time!


We always suggest giving us a call prior to ordering, just so we can make sure you are educated about the process!  Or if you are an Orlando resident, be sure to stop in and let us make her day a memorable one. If your a mom or a bride that is on the ball and have other tips, please share!