Homecoming 2013 Trend Continued: Corsets!

2013 trend #2: The Corset!

So Sweet Boutique is here to make sure that every girl is up to date with the hottest trends for the 2013 Homecoming season! A short, corseted dress compliments every type of body! This style creates the look of a longer torso and smaller waist! You can see this in Sherri Hill Dress 21156 (pictured center). We love the pointed waistline! The crystal beading also creates a gorgeous shape that will add to the feeling of being a princess when you wear it! We have this in stock right now in pink, in a size 12.

Hannah S 27789 Size 0 White

If you want a little more flexibility when it comes to fit, a true corset dress with a lace up back is ideal. We know not everyone has a model-perfect body, but with this feature, it can make your dress as snug as you need. Hannah S 27789 is a stunning example! Available at So Sweet Boutique in a size 0. We love the paneled design that the boning in a corset makes. It not only adds stability and structure, but interest! With its intricate crystal work, this dress is going to steal attention away from all of your friends (and enemies)!

See you soon at So Sweet Boutique! (Remember to arrive 1 hour before our scheduled closing!)