Why is it that searching for homecoming dresses online or over the internet sometimes hard to find? To put it in simple terms, most gown designers do not have a collection of just “homecoming dresses”. They often create a collection of cocktail dresses, junior dresses, party dresses, short formal, short prom dresses, short homecoming dresses or at times a semi-formal dresses. Many stores and boutiques like us, bring those dress selections in and ear mark them as homecoming dresses.

Large department stores are great about carrying a large selection of these junior party dresses through out the year. But if you are a fashion forward kind of girl, you will want to shop in a private store or boutique. Department stores such as Dillard’s do have a nice selection but they often do not carry the amount of styles such as a small private store. To make it easier to understand, a department store may have 12-20 styles but a lot of that style. A small private store or boutique will have several styles but very limited quantity. For example, So Sweet Boutique carries a minimum of 150 homecoming dress styles. We prefer to offer our clients a unique dress so, no 2 dresses end up at the same school. At So Sweet Boutique we offer a dress registry program for our local Orlando girls.

Also price can be a big difference too. At the department store because they buy the same style in bulk, they can offer better prices. They also select their designs based on last years trends from key designers. It all just depends on what is important to the customer: price, quality, new trend, older trend, and price point.

If you have a lower budget, it is still worth shopping in specialist stores. At times, like ours you will always find a clearance rack. You can score a great deal on and find a designer cheap homecoming dress from last season without breaking the bank. Now you know you have options besides buying a Dillard’s Homecoming Dress.