In with the new and out with the old!

We are busy right now moving things around, trying to get a vision of our new layout for spring 2012.  Knowing how busy we were this last year and how much space we felt we still needed, we are in the midst of sprucing up a bit, not to mention knocking down  walls.  One of the top priorities was to put in 1-2 more dressing rooms, so we are just doing that!  In with the new use of the space and out with the non use of anything within our walls.  We decided to enjoy homecoming season and then as soon as November hits, we will be shutting down the store to the public to renovate a bit.  In case you did  not hear, we are now Central Florida’s authorized International Prom retailer and with that comes lots of amazing 2012 prom dresses.  Hopefully, you will be one of the lucky one’s to receive the 2012 Prom Magazine with over 125 colored pages of the hottest dresses.  We believe they get sent out the first part of January.  So, point is with all the excitement we knew we needed to offer Orlando a bigger place to shop with more selection.  So, grab your seat belts Orlando – here we go!