Orlando Homecoming Dress Store – Florida Stores

We just got in another shipment of homecoming dresses Hannah S Style 27631and we just love them!  Often girls will ask us, what is the difference between our dresses and department store dresses.  There are many thing different and we will help share them so, you can make the best choice on a homecoming dress this season.

1) Department stores:  YES more affordable.  The reason why is they are designer ” inspired” dresses, well made however!  They usually get a handful of styles and mass produce them in different colors as well, which also makes them more affordable since they get several of the same thing.

2) Boutique Designer Dresses: Yes more expensive than department stores. This is because we do not order  60 of the same dress and then in 2 – 3 colors (you can do the math 180 of the same dress). We also are purchasing designer dresses, not the inspired ones based off last season.  So, in a nut shell our boutique based on our location may order 1-3 of the same style and that is if we really LOVE the dress.  Many times over we only bring in a single piece to our store to help our customers show up to their event as unique as possible.

For our customers on a budget, we always encourage them to check out our mark down rack.  Then you get the best of both worlds!  A designer dress that is more unique and harder to find than at the department store but with the price of a department store dress.

When we go and buy are dresses we are always scouting the designers and fashion shows that have awesome prices to help out our customers that are on a more sensitive budget, after all we are in a tough economy.

Make sure you stop in and see us while your our shopping for your homecoming dress this season, our designer dresses start at $175!  We stil have some awesome dresses from 2010 on the markdown rack starting at $79.