Orlando Prom Stores

We are getting such great feedback from all of our former customers and now our new customers that we have the great selection for dresses this year!  If you are shopping in the Central Florida area, you need to put us on your map as your stop for one of the hottest Orlando Prom Stores.  What makes us so unique from the next store you might ask?  Well each store has their own niche is the best way to describe.  Some stores do prom but they may emphasis on bridal more.  So, when you walk in their store they have to share their retail space with bridal dresses and we can only imagine what kind of space that must take up.  On the other hand, you may have a gown store that sells designer inspired dresses or knock off’s.  At So Sweet Boutique, we sell the current 2012 prom dresses that are featured in the magazines such as Teen Prom or Seventeen that you are seeing all over the place.

On another side of the coin, we are not a department store that selects a few styles and just mass produces them.  We go to fashion week whether it be in Atlanta or New York and select our designer dresses right off the runway and select what color and size to have them made in specific to our area.  We typically do not bring back more of one dress of one style unless we strongly feel it is a prom dress that will be loved by many.  We like to only offer the one dress in our store to help us keep track of our dress registry that we offer the Florida area, where we do not sell the same dress to the same school from our store.  So, it just depends what type of store you are looking to shop in.  There are several in Orlando, but make sure you visit us to see how we stand out from the rest!