Prom Dresses For Your Body Type

Trying to find prom dresses for your body type?

The perfect dress for your body is the one that you feel best in. There are tons of blogs and websites that recite the same old spiel about what dresses you should and should not wear based on your body. The truth is, you should wear whatever you want! As long as you’re comfortable and confident, there really is no limit to what style you can rock at prom. We have girls of all shapes, sizes, and shades who come into our store and more often than not, they are drawn towards similar dresses. 10 different girls can try on the same dress and 9 of them could pull off the look without any major alterations. Look for prom dresses for your body type, but do not settle for something just because it is flattering.

Now that isn’t to say that if you have your heart set on a certain style that you can comfortably or affordably wear it. Some styles may take just too much effort to work for your body. It may be easier to go with a different style or something similar by a different designer. Here are some ideas for how to wear prom dresses for your body type- Not suggestions for what you “should not” wear.

 prm dresses for you body type- mermaid style

Dress Comparison– If you LOVE the two-piece, mermaid trend that is all the rage this year, we highly recommend trying on different styles to get an idea of which works better for you. Sherri Hill 32073 is a gorgeous dress and is long. Most designer gowns are made long to accommodate taller girls, but with a mermaid style gown, hemming too much off changes the style completely. This dress is made for girls with a height of 5’9” plus wearing heels. If you were not vertically blessed, a slimmer and shorter skirt will be easier to handle. You may still need to hem a few inches off of the bottom, but with a less dramatic skirt flare, you do not lose the style. With a smaller frame, this also means a shorter torso. The top of Mac Duggal 48281 is cropped slightly shorter so you can bare your midriff the way the style calls for.

Try on all kinds of styles! You may surprise yourself when the dress you try on that “isn’t meant for you” is the one you feel prettiest in. There have been plenty of customers who visit our store who are convinced that they cannot wear a certain style. MYTH: If you’re pear-shaped, you need an A-line skirt to hide in. FALSE! If you’re curvy on bottom, a slim fitted dress can be stunning! Madison James Style 15-160 is the perfect example of this. The form fitting fabric and curved waistline creates a sexy silhouette. We love the balance of lace on top and a tapered skirt.

prom dresses for your body type- pear

Listen to other people’s opinions, but stay true to your own personal style. Sure, your friends and family can help pick out styles, and give you compliments, but be mindful that You Are The One Wearing The Dress. Just because they say you need a structured, corseted dress to hide your stomach, it does not mean that is your only option. Finding a plus size prom dress can be difficult for all of the same reasons as it is for slender girls. Everyone has parts that they do not like and everyone is picky. Do not settle for a dress just because it zips up. The most beautiful girls who shop with us are the ones who feel beautiful- no matter their size. If you want to wear a dress with a sheer midriff and high slit, go for it!

Party Time Formals Style 6594

So Sweet Boutique is a store that is all about possibilities- not limitations!

Shop for prom dresses for your body type by keeping an open mind, and trying dresses you like. Sometimes you will have to make compromises to get a certain style to work for you. Sometimes you will find out that the dress style you absolutely love just does not make you comfortable. Sometimes you love a dress so much you are willing to get those alterations and tape everything in place. In the world of fashion, there is a dress for every personality and body!

Visit our Orlando area store today to find a gown that you will want to wear everyday! Prom season is in full swing and dresses are selling fast. Designer gowns by Sherri Hill, Madison James, Rachel Allan, La femme, Alyce, and more are in stock now and ready to go! So Sweet Boutique is currently open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm, and Sunday 12pm-5:30pm.