Sherri Hill 2102 – Sherri Hill 1050

Fun Purple Corset Dress by Sherri Hill 2101
Fun Purple Corset Dress by Sherri Hill 2101

I am so amazed at the quality of  both of the Sherri Hill dress 2101Sherri Hill 1050.  Both of these dresses are fun and have been getting great reviews from our customers here in Orlando.  

 We find that Sherri Hill makes fabulous homecoming dresses as well as pageant dresses across the board.  Her short styles seem to inspire other well known dress designers as we saw an increased production and designs in short dresses for prom season 2010.

I love how you can just add a really cool  bangle and fun earrings to her dresses.  Fun heels add the final touch to these gems of a dress.
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