Summer Must Haves


The 2013 Spring/Summer runways were full of not just bright, summery colors, but also a classic: BLACK and WHITE. This combination is always stylish and can be paired together in an infinite number of combinations. As we know in Florida, summer is just about here. With temperatures on the rise, make sure you keep up with all of the hot summer themes in fashion too!

Pictured: (Left) Tiffany 16754. We have a size 8 in stock that would be magnificent for any formal night out, or even a Miss Pageant. Sherri Hill 11038, technically it is in the designer’s Fall collection, but if you’re in fashion, you have to know when to make exceptions to the rule! Tiffany Princess 13324 is the perfect little ballgown if your child is adventurous and keeps up with the trends. Finally, Faviana’s 6823 (Right) is sassy and chic! Stripes are also a key pattern to look out for later this fall too. We have a size 2 in our store that is available today!

You can see the look on celebrities like Heather 
Graham and Gwen Stefani. Which star do you think pulled off the black top, white bottom look the best??

We love the contrast between Black and White in formal wear because of how sleek it looks. It is a great color scheme for any age, as it can be sophisticated, and trendy at the same time. Designers have lots of fun discovering new styles, shapes, lines, and patterns to create in their pieces and what better way to show that then with a dramatic color difference?

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