Tiffany Pageant Dresses!

Tiffany Style 13353 Size 6 8 10 Fuchsia/Orange13361 Size 8 10 12 Coral

We can’t get enough when it comes to the amazing girls pageant designer, Tiffany! If you have ever been to So Sweet Boutique, or our website, you should know why! Tiffany has perfected their dresses to not only wow pageant judges, but to show off a girl’s natural beauty. We love the variety of styles that Tiffany offers. Whether your child loves glitz or not, you are sure to find a stunning dress everyone will approve of. Style 13353 is an adorable ballgown dress that features an A-line skirt and beaded bodice. If you want a bit more drama, try 13361. This skirt has more volume because of its cascading ruffles and wire hem. With only the top half of the bodice beaded, it balances out the full skirt. Both dresses come in a coral tone that works well on almost all skin types!

View these, and all of the other wonderful dresses that we have from Tiffany at Be sure to select the Same Day Shipping section to see what we have on hand right now. If you choose to order a gown listed as a “special order,” we will get the dress from the designer (if available), then send it straight to you!