Time to catch back up on things!

It’s hard to believe my Lyme disease journey all started nearly 5 years ago, I do not even remember 50% of it due to my cognition suffering a great deal and now having extensive vascular brain damage. I have been pretty transparent through the process in hopes to help anyone else along the way not suffer at the capacity I did but most importantly, to prevent it. Lyme disease does exists and for the most part can be prevented. I personally did seek treatment but was turned away by a local doctor who said it did not exist in Florida and I did not need the protocol for any type of Lyme infection. Boy was he ever wrong, my life very shortly after that forever changed and the crazy thing is – if the doctor would have just given me the 3 weeks of antibiotics I do not think it would have gotten so out of hand.

My story is ugly, very long and became life changing for myself, my children and the few loved ones who were brave enough to step up for me. I am happy to report that I am now back working at the boutique part time as I continue to heal from everything. I have to do a big shout out to my staff for the unconditional love and loyalty as they too took the journey with me and still have to deal with the after math and shenanigans of what the destruction did not to just to my brain but my body as well. I write this openly on the blog to first off tell everyone why the blog abruptly stopped. I hope to get the blog along with a few other things moving along again.

For those that encounter tick bites in the future, proper removal is critical. I also suggest you seek treatment whether you get a rash or not (in my case, I did have the classic rash). The one thing the public is not educated on is that ticks carry more than just “lyme”, they have many co-infections too. In my case, I also had anaplasmosis. It is just not worth taking any risk.

Thank you everyone for your continued support through the entire process and I hope to see many of you again soon!