Trend Alert

Who would have thought catsuits would revolutionize formal wear? They are one of the up and coming trends for Spring 2013. Jovani has several different renditions of  cat suits in nude that they designed in one of their collections. Cat suits have been seen on many different celebrities in time for their performances. It was Brittany spears who first started the trend at the 2000 VMA awards. She is still known today for her iconic catsuit. Since then celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Scary spice, Katy Perry, & more have worn different versions of nude cat suits on the red carpet as well as on stage.

You may ask where can I wear a cat suit to? Cat suits are great for performances. If you are looking for an ensemble for a talent act in a pageant this would be a great choice. It is unique in every way and it is sure to catch the judges attention. One things for sure you will not go unnoticed. The Jovani Cat suit is made out of nude fabric and it is fully beaded with ab crystals from head to toe. Overall this is a great ensemble for many formal occasions if your looking for something outside of the box. Tired of wearingdresses like everyone else? Then go for a cat suit and be on trend this Spring.

If you are looking for an authorized retailer to purchase one of these stunning cat suits then look no further! So Sweet Boutique will be carrying them in store for Spring. If your interested in pre-ordering call now to find out when they will become available. You can shop with them online or in store for a fitting.