Two Toned Pageant Dress

   This stunning two toned Tiffany Princess pageant dress is suitable for girls of all ages, and is also available in a Fuchsia/Yellow color.  This dress has a lovely one shoulder design with an asymmetrical neckline. This exclusive neckline directs the attention to the one shoulder element of the dress where the main focus is.  This main focus are accents of sequin that have been placed on the shoulder. The bodice is pleated and also has rows of sparking beads towards bottom that are round the entire bodice. The skirt consist of many layers of twill, which makes the skirt fuller and adds float.

    To complete this look accessories such as sparking studded earrings as well as a bracelet can be added. Make up depends on the color of the dress, but matching eye shadow paired with a light pink lip gloss or lip stick would be fabulous. The hair style would look amazing over the shoulder to give balance the overall look, and possibly sparking hair pins. Shoes could be clear, short heels with rhinestones placed througout to finish the sparks from head to toe.