Winter Pageant Dresses

Turn your little girl into a first-place winning, Ice Princess for those up and coming November pageants! This light aqua dress by Sugar is the perfect hue to bring out blue eyes or to contrast a dark skin tone. Sugar 4920 is currently in stock at So Sweet Boutique in a size 10. We love the shape and one shoulder for this age! The elegant sprinkling of the beads throughout the top will create a frame of sparkles onstage that will draw everyone’s attention. Other Sugar designs that have just arrived include style 42544S Size 4 Fuchsia that can be seen here and a real show stopper, 42617S Size 6 Glold.

Tiffany 13332

Another gorgeous option is Tiffany Princess 13332. This dress is always in demand! It features an allover sequin and bead top with both clear and AB crystals. We have several pieces of these in stock in colors rose pink, peacock, and sky blue. Check out the in stock listing of each size and color that we have! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get one of these wonderful winter pageant dresses today!

If ordering online, remember to compare the designer’s size chart with the measurements of your child. We recommend getting a dress that will be the correct length, then having it tailored to fit width wise. If either the bust or waist measurement of one size matches your child’s measurements exactly, we suggest going up in size to ensure the garment won’t restrict their breathing! As we say, “It’s always better to have a dress be a little big rather than small. It’s easier, and will be less expensive to have it altered, then having to buy a completely new one!”