Corset dresses By Hannah S

27723 White/Gold, 27789 White

Who can resist a short dress with a corset? We’ve seen a lot of cocktail dresses that feature this romantic silhouette, and we know why! This style dress is flattering on many body shapes because of its body-hugging bodice. The great thing about this season’s collection by Hannah S is the fact that they offer several styles that will fit almost any girl’s style! You can find turquoise, pink, white, royal and many more colors to match your skin tone. You can also choose a look that has a lace up back or a zipper. Both choices have their benefits! A zipper closure is easy and takes a lot less time to get dressed. A traditional lace back adds more interesting details and can be cinched as much, or as little, as you need to fit well!

This is a great look for Homecoming! We’ve seen a lot of girls already searching for the right dress for them, so hurry in today! Dresses are limited in store and many styles might not be able to be ordered for you. We would hate for you to lose out on the perfect, corset dress!

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