Take Advantage Of SAME DAY SHIPPING!

Pageant season is all year round at So Sweet Boutique! Take advantage of our Same Day Shipping option for all of the gorgeous, In Stock Dresses that we have available! If you place your order directly on our website by 2pm EST, we will make sure your dress gets inspected, out the door, and on its way to yours that same day! When looking on SoSweetBoutique.com, be sure to note which type of availability is listed in the dress description. When it says “In Stock” and has specific sizes and colors listed together, we have that on hand. This will be on the right hand side of the page. We try our best to keep our inventory as accurate as possible, but it is always a good idea to give us a call or email to ask if a particular style is still here!

If you choose to go with a style that is from any other section besides In Stock or SAME DAY SHIPPING, this will be a Special Order. These dresses will take a little more time to arrive to you, but there are a lot more options for styles and colors. If you’d like to speed up the shipping process you can select “Direct Ship” within the drop down menus. This means we do not see this dress at all, it goes directly from the designer to you!

If you have any questions regarding your order or if you just want to inquire about a style, give us a call at (407)260-0708. We’re here to help!