Looking For A Lace Gown? They’re Here!

lace gown

A beautiful lace gown can be just the outfit for a truly unforgettable prom.

We are crazy for lace here at So Sweet Boutique! When you visit us, you’ll be able to find all kinds of silhouettes, fabrics and colors that feature the classic design element. Lace is more versatile than you might think, and if you say lace just isn’t your thing, we bet that we can find one that you’ll love! A cute pink lace can add a touch of femininity for a sweet and girly look, or a cut-out lace adds a little sex appeal while keeping it classy.

sherri hill lace gownSome of today’s most popular prom and evening gown designers cannot go one season without creating gorgeous dresses with lace. Sherri Hill, who is always on trend (or making the trends!) uses a wide range of lace appliqués, including this stunning red and black combination in Style 11246. We currently have a size 4 Black/Red. Be sure to shop early before it is gone!

What’s more romantic than going to prom with your sweetie?

A lace gown is the go-to style for prom, especially if you are going with the boy you love (or are crushing on!). Alyce 2401 seen above in red would be a memorizing look with a slick hair-do, sultry red lips, and nude shoe! If the style of dress you are looking for is elegant, sophisticated, classic, beautiful, and sexy, lace is definitely the way to go!

Please be sure to visit So Sweet Boutique, located in Casselberry Florida, within the Greater Orlando area. Our store is a full assistance boutique, which means we help you into the dresses. We can also help pick out styles that will look great and that make you feel happy. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you buy a gown that you will remember forever!