So Sweet Boutique’s Prom Dress Tips 2015


So Sweet Boutique’s Prom Dress Tips 2015

With all of the upcoming senior year excitement, don’t get lost in the sea of stress that college applications and finals can cause. One of the most important nights is just around the corner and we want to ensure that you are prepared. Finding your prom dress can be fun, really it can be!  These prom dress tips can help you save time and money!

First, shop early. US stores will have their largest selection of prom dresses between January and February. That’s right now! Have you started shopping yet? Buying your dress early will allow you to plan other things well in advance too. You can buy the right shade of eye shadow and make your hair appointment.

Do not expect to find a dress that fits perfectly. Almost all dresses will need some type of alterations. The most common is hemming, with other adjustments including shortening of shoulder straps or taking in side seams. Some stores may offer alterations in house or you may have to go to an expert tailor. Be sure to go to someone with bridal experience, as they will have the knowledge to work with your prom dress. If you’ve bought your dress early (as you should!) you’ll have plenty of time for any alterations, so don’t wait until the last minute. The closer prom gets, the busier seamstresses will be, and the longer it may take them to get done.

Try on shoes with the dress. Try bringing the shoes you plan on wearing, or something similar in height so you can try them on with the dresses you like. Almost all prom dresses are made long to accommodate taller girls, but for anyone who is not a model in 6-inch heels, the dress you buy will have to be hemmed. Trying on the type of shoe you want to wear will give you a good idea of how much length will have to come off, and even help rule out some styles. 

Wear the undergarments that you plan on wearing the night of prom. (This is one of the most important prom dress tips!) You can find a nude pair of seamless panties at most major department stores or even Walmart. You want to make sure the dress you love will fit correctly, especially if you’re planning on donning a tight gown or one with sheer details. While most dresses are made with built in bust cups, sometimes it is not enough support. For the girls wanting a little extra support while dancing away the night, you may need to wear a bra. Not all styles of prom dresses allow for this, so it is a good idea to try on dresses while wearing a strapless bra if you cannot go without.

strapless dress - prom dress tips
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Speaking of strapless- Yes, you can comfortably wear one.  A lot of girls may immediately dismiss a strapless prom dress because they think they will be pulling at the top, trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction all night. Most strapless dresses actually have thin spaghetti straps that come with them! They attach with small hooks and may only need minimal adjustments. Bust cups or “sticky boobs” can be worn to help fill the top to allow a snug fit. Another great product is Fashion Tape. This is a transparent, double sided tape that is completely safe for fabric. If you line the top of your strapless dress with this, it will stay put. We recommend the brand Matchsticks.

Try on lots of styles. You may have found that perfect dress on Pinterest, but have you ever tried it on? Or something close to it?  Everyone has a unique body, so a dress that looks amazing on one girl may be completely wrong for someone else. Is your favorite color green? Do you know which shade will compliment your skin tone and hair color? The only way to find out is to try things on. Trying on a dress does not mean you have to buy it, so have fun! You may end up loving a dress you never thought you would. There is a dress for everyone; you just have to have an open mind!

Ask for help. Even if you know what you’re looking for, try listening to the ideas of staff members. They’ve seen the inventory of prom dresses that they are selling and can suggest ones that will flatter you. At So Sweet Boutique we offer a one-on-one customer service experience that allows us to offer prom dress tips while you shop. Bring a family member or friend whose opinion you trust. They may see positive or negative aspects that you miss. Have them take photos and compare how each dress looks. You want a dress that will look flawless in all of your prom pictures!